Roadside Truck Repair

Emergency Roadside Assistance

At J.P. & Family Roadside Truck Repair of Weed, California, we get to you fast and fix your mechanical issue to get you back on the road in no time. We offer expert analysis and servicing at affordable rates.

We Come To You


Let us know where you are when your rig is broken down, and we will get to you. It will help if you are able to pull into a safe location where we can inspect your truck and trailer.

Rates & Key Services

We charge $1.50 a mile to travel to where you are plus an hourly rate of $90.00  depending on the weather conditions.

Let us change your blown tires and provide you with the replacement option of installing a recapped tire, a new, or a used tire. We are brake issue experts and when you experience oil leaked over the inside of your brakes, we perform a wheel seal and bearing replacement. All truck repair services are provided on-site.

Other Critical Issues & Services Provided Include:

Welding – We Fix Water Leaks
• Out of Fuel – We Repair Fuel Leaks
• Air Leaks – We Replace Air Valves
• Air Bags – We Fix Related Oil Leaks
• Brakes – Brake Lights
• Check Engine Lights
• Wheel Seals – Bearing Replacements
• Tire Repairs – Tire & Rim Replacements
• Mud Flaps – Flap Hangers

Call Us

Contact J.P. & Family Roadside Truck Repair for any and all big rig highway assistance. We are known for getting trucks and trailers out of weigh scales and can provide this service for you.